Version 5.1 build 1111 is now out!

There are a few enhancements in this version and one bug-fix: the Inventory-Value report did not work on versions pre NAV 2013, that has been fixed.

Add new data field enhancements

The "Add New Data Fields" function in all pivot reports/analysis is now aware of Dynamics NAV Options fields and puts in the corresponding text instead of the 0..n values.
  • To try this, just click the Add New Data Fields button:
  • Select a field you know/think is an Option field (most of the Integer fields are, except for Quantity fields):
  • Press Ok and check the results:

For our Icelandic customers we added the translation of all field names to Icelandic in this function as well.

Specific WiseFish enhancements

For our WiseFish customers (from NAV 2013 and up) then we are "injecting" specific WiseFish fields into some of the reports/analysis and more will follow soon (this will not affect non-WiseFish customers)

The fields added in the "Sales History" and "Purchase History":
  • From Sales- and Purchase Header table
    • Sales Agreement No.
    • Blanket Purchase Agreement No.
    • Blanket Sales Agreement No.
  • From Item card
    • Raw Mat_ - Official Reporting code (called Raw Material)
In "Purchase History" we also added the Receipt Agreement number.

The "Raw Mat. - Offical Reporting" field has also been added to all the Inventory reports/analysis and in the Item Ledger reports/analysis more Entry Types has been added as well since WiseFish adds to the Entry Types list.

In the "Item Ledger Entry Analysis" we also added 5 specific WiseFish fields:
  • WF Entry Type
  • WF Contribution Lot Code
  • WF Order Type
  • WF Order No.
  • WF Order  Line No.
Also we have added the "Sales Agreement Header", "Purchase Agreement Header" and the "Raw Mat_ - Official Reporting" tables to the Add New Data Fields functions where applicable.  

This allows our WiseFish users to create a Raw Material Purchase and Sales reports like this one:

Specific WiseScan (and RSM) enhancements

For our WiseScan and RSM customers we have added, in a few places, two fields telling you if you have any scanned- or electronic documents connected to the Document No.  You can find those fields in the following reports/analysis:

  • G/L Entries
  • G/L Analysis (when you double click a value to open the drill down window (reset layout might be needed there))
  • Purchase History.  
    • Also, we added in the Purchase History a function to load outstanding approvals if you are using WiseApprovals
You only need to click the number (or double click in the drill down) to view the scanned/electronic attachment.


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