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Wise Analyzer - How to import Queries, and a free gift!

Wise Analyzer - how to import Queries from another source Even if you don't have the Enterprise version where you can create your own queries to extract data, you can still import queries from other sources, like your NAV partner or from Wise.

Here is a free gift to all our Wise Analyzer users - a Permission Overview report that works with Dynamics NAV 2013 and up and gives you a complete overview of all the permissions for all your NAV users.  Save this file into a folder on your computer and extract it before you continue to read this blog.

When you want to import a Query you open "Manage Custom Queries" from the Main menu.

Next you click Import

Select the Permissions.CQDef file that you saved already.

Then you click Save and Close

Then the Query should appear under Management in the "Database Views" side bar.

If you open Permissions you can see user permissions for all user í Dynamics NAV.

If your double click any non-blank cell the drill down window opens an…