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Version 5.1 is now out, and we have added two more reports/analysis

Inventory - Value The Inventory - Value analysis shows you your inventory on any selected date by locations and Item Variants.   Of course you have the  full power of our Pivot tables to pivot your data as you need.

Average Days to Pay The Average Days to Pay analysis shows you exactly how long it takes your customers to pay each invoice and the Total row is calculated using the formula: total days / number of payments.

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Install Guide and technical info for sysadmins

Install latest version of Wise Analyzer You can install Wise Analyzer in two ways, either directly under your user profile using Microsoft ClickOnce technology, or under the "Program Files" folder using ordinary .msi file.  The latter is almost only used when installing Wise Analyzer on a Windows Terminal Server or Citrix environment.

If you use the ClickOnce setup, the system will automatically inform you when new versions are available and allow you to upgrade instantly. 
Click here for ClickOnce setup Click here for msi setup
When the system starts it will show you a login screen, there you need to type in the SQL Server name and then select the Dynamics NAV database and select the Company you want to connect to. If you connect to a Cronus company (Demo database from Microsoft) you can explore the whole system apart from the Dashboard designer and the Query builder.
If you connect to your own company a license window appears and there you just apply for a license key (pre…