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Build 1114 is now out.

Access Control Changes We have changed this check box here:

To this:

So now when this switch is set, when a user creates a new OLAP view or a new SQL view via the Query Builder then it will be automatically be hidden from all other users.  The user admin then needs to explicitly give user or groups access to it if needed.

Sales History The Shipping Agent Code has been added to this report/analysis

Report Designer Bug Fix 2 minor bugs where discovered in the Report Designer and both are now fixed.

The first one was that sometimes when you saved a new Report, the link got broken so you could not easily find the report again.

The second bug was, when you had a saved report, and then later wanted to add a dynamic parameter to it and bind it to your data for lookup, you couldn't easily do that, but now you can:

Access Control Guide for Wise Analyzer

Wise Analyzer - how to setup Access control

The Access control in Wise Analyzer is default not active, hence all reports are open to all users.
If you want to set up Access Control you open Application Options and then click Security.

Then you get the question if you want to set up Access Control.  If you click Yes you start setting up the Access Control.  Please note the when you click Yes and while you set up the Access Control everyone else is locked out of Wise Analyzer.

This is how it looks after you click Yes, you are the only one that has access.

If you select Bulk Edit Access List you can grant access to individual Windows Users and/or Security Groups.  Your system administrator will create the groups and add users to them. It is better to use Groups because then you don't have to administer individual user inside the system.

After you have granted access to a group or user you can go to the page Grant/Remove Access and control what the User or Group can do.

If you are not…